What are Recycle Shops?

Recycle Shops are a new and unique business idea developed to encourage more people to recycle their clothes, bags, shoes and other household items.

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By sending your clothes to Recycle Shops, not only are you giving a second chance to your clothes but also to the needy people in developing countries. To find out where your nearest branch is, email us or call free on

0800 028 7514

Cash for cast-offs - Birmingham - Recycle Shops - clothes

Give your unwanted clothes a second chance

Recycle Shops is a nationwide chain of shops that will pay cash for your unwanted clothes, bags and shoes. Just bring your clothes to our nearest branch.

Choose where your money goes

Having complete control over how much you choose to donate to charity gives you the freedom to give what you want, when you want, to who you want.

Next time you clean out your garage or loft, spare a thought for the poor and needy who would benefit from your old and unwanted clothes.

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